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Elena de Rothschild

A music graduate, with a background in teaching and healthcare, I bring 25 years of working closely with people, understanding their needs, concerns, hopes and aspirations.

Following training as a Family Mediator with the National Family Mediation Association, my emphasis is on working with clients using an empathetic and focussed approach to those seeking support and guidance in relationship issues.

My particular emphasis is working alongside couples in high conflict, supporting them in reaching agreements that they are struggling to do so themselves, including property and finance, children and civil and marital relationship breakdown issues.

I am a member of the College of Mediators and am working towards full accreditation for All Issues Mediation.

Stewart Thomson

Stewart Thomson is qualified to conduct MIAMs and is a Professional Practice Consultant, supervising other family mediators. He has considerable experience of undertaking mediations that involve property and finance, child contact and living arrangements, and combinations of all three areas.

Stewart is also qualified to conduct Direct Work with Children, building on his earlier profession as a Senior Social Worker working with complex children and family cases. After this early role, he went on to enjoy a varied career in Higher Education, Local Government, NHS and the Charity sectors at Board level, mainly in Human Resources and Workforce Development. In particular, he is able to bring this breadth of experience to family mediation by seeing the importance of working to build trust and confidence with clients, encouraging them to identify solutions to the issues that they bring. He is able to demonstrate a calm authority in family mediations and achieves this by successfully managing the high emotional conflict between clients. This allows them to focus on the need to begin to build improved trust and communication between themselves, enabling them to look to the future.

Stewart is a volunteer family mediator at Wandsworth Family Mediation Service, a trustee of the largest social enterprise early years provider in London, and an Honorary Fellow of Brunel University.

Why Mediation?

Relationship breakdowns are often emotional and distressing times for you and your ex partner, and feeling bewildered and overwhelmed is common. Mediation...

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When you, or your solicitor, makes a referral to London Family Mediation the process starts with a 'Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting' (MIAM). At this meeting...

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What to Expect

If you, and your former partner, decide to go ahead with mediation you will be invited to attend a joint meeting. Mediation sessions generally last up to 90 mins...

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Family Mediation is a cost efficient and effective way of dealing with the consequences of relationship breakdown, and is supported by the Ministry of Justice...

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How it Works?

An initial assessment, also called Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Your mediator will meet with you separately to explain...

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Your mediators at London Family Mediation are able to conduct direct work with children. Mediation can help parents make arrangements for their child following...

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Court Forms

This section covers what happens should either of you decide not to go ahead with mediation and you wish to take the matter to court. Should you decide to do so...

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Your Say

"Divorce was the last thing I imagined in my life but when faced with the reality of it all, I felt very alone, confused and deeply hurt, but from the very first time..."

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